Several types and specifications of blind road bricks

Several types and specifications of blind road bricks


At present, the most commonly used blind road bricks are ceramic blind road bricks, cement blind road bricks, sintered blind road bricks, rubber blind road bricks, etc., each of which has its own unique performance advantages.

The blind road is a kind of road facility that is very necessary to install, because it is a floor tile specially designed for the blind. , blind road board, blind road film.
Bricks for laying blind roads are generally paved with three types of bricks, one is a strip direction guide brick, which guides the blind to move forward with confidence, which is called a blind road brick, or a guide brick in the direction of the blind road; the other is a prompt brick with dots. , indicating that there is an obstacle in front of the blind, it is time to turn, it is called a blind road brick, or a blind road orientation guide brick; the last type is a blind road danger warning guide brick, the dot is larger, the police should not overtake, and the front is dangerous.

The specific types are as follows: 

1. Ceramic blind brick. It belongs to ceramic products, which has good porcelainization, water absorption, frost resistance and compression resistance, beautiful appearance, and is generally used in places with high demand such as high-speed railway stations and municipal subways, but the price is a bit more expensive.

2. Cement blind road bricks. The production cost of this kind of brick is relatively low, and the secondary recycling building material waste can be used. It is relatively environmentally friendly and cheap, and is generally suitable for low-end needs such as residential roads. But the service life is short.

3. Sintered blind road brick. This kind of brick is widely used, generally used on both sides of municipal roads, suitable for outdoor use. But it is easy to get dirty and difficult to maintain and clean. 

4. Rubber blind road brick. It is a new type of blind road brick product, which is suitable for planning changes in the early stage, and used in the later reconstruction of blind road bricks, which is convenient for construction.
Blind road bricks are divided into yellow blind road bricks and gray blind road bricks, and there are differences between stop bricks and forward bricks.

The specifications are 200*200, 300*300, which are more specifications used by the government in shopping malls and railway stations.