Nursing homes/home care centres

Nursing homes/home care centres


Product superiority


1. Safe and environmentally friendly, odorless, non-toxic, non-combustible


2. Heat and high temperature resistance, stable performance, corrosion resistance


3. Ergonomic design, non-slip, wear-resistant, non-icing hands, easy to grasp


4. No maintenance cost, easy to take care of, durable


5. A variety of colors, beautiful and diverse, easy to match styles


Design standards

The living room for elderly activities includes bedroom, bathroom, bathroom, dining room, etc., designed and installedAnti-collision protection and barrier-free facilities should ensure that they do not hinder the movement and activities of the elderly, and are convenient and safe.
Provide protection in time, while taking into account the characteristics of comfort, cleanliness and beauty.

(1) Panel material: extruded panel made of high-density lead-free polyvinyl chloride (LEAD-FREE PVC) polymer.
(2) Anti-collision performance: All anti-collision panel materials need to be tested according to ASTM-F476-76 with a weight of 99.2 pounds),After the test, the surface material must not be broken and changed, and the test report must be attached for inspection before construction.
(3) Flammability: The anti-collision panel must pass the CNS 6485 flammability test, and it can be freed within 5 seconds after the fire source is removed.If it is extinguished, a test report must be submitted for inspection before construction can be carried out.
(4) Abrasion resistance: The anti-collision panel material shall be tested according to ASTM D4060 standard, and it shall not exceed 0.25g after the test.
(5) Stain resistance: The anti-collision panel material can be wiped clean with water for common weak acid or weak alkali pollution.
(6) Antibacterial property: The anti-collision panel material needs to be tested in accordance with ASTM G21 standard. After 28 days of culture at 28°C, the surface will notAny growth of mold to achieve a sterile space. The test report must be attached for inspection before construction can be carried out.
(7) The accessories must be the entire group of products supplied by the original manufacturer, and other accessories must not be used for mixed grouping.The fittings of the anti-collision armrest fixing bracket must be detachable fixed locks to facilitate future repairs, maintenance and cleaning.

About Us

Jinan Hengsheng New Building Material Co., Ltd, is a manufacture specializing in hospital handrail,safety grab bar, wall corner guard, shower seat, curtain rails,TPU/PVC blind brick and rehabilitation treatment supplies for the elderly and the disabled.The factory ranks in the top 10 in the domestic industry. And products are SGS,TUV,CE certificated.The production center is located in Qihe, Shandong, the most beautiful eco-tourism demonstration city in China.

It has more than 20 acres of production sites and more than 200 kinds of inventory products. It is one of the few professional manufacturers of the industry in China.


Provision of service

A full set of original high-quality accessories

Free installation video guide

Workers can be arranged for installation

Professional and stable logistics transportation

After-sales processing within one hour


(1) Please confirm whether the installation wall is firm before installation.
Installable walls: concrete, lightweight concrete, solid bricks, natural dense stone, reinforced walls and other load-bearing walls.
Walls that need to be reinforced: porous bricks, lime-sand bricks, thin hollow walls, single-plank walls and other low-to-medium endurance walls;
If the thickness of the hollow wall is thin, please purchase hollow gecko screws for installation.
(2) When drilling a solid wall, if you find that the wall is loose and the bearing capacity is not strong, or you can easily tighten the screws when installing the screws, please
Reconfirm the strength of the wall. If there is any problem, please install it in another location or reinforce it. Water can be poured into the wall.
The mud will be drilled and installed after it has solidified.
(3) The plaster wall cannot be installed.
(4) The construction party should carefully check the condition of the construction wall before the on-site construction. If there is any problem that hinders the normal construction,
Appropriate treatment should be given first and the supervision engineer should be notified, and construction can only be carried out after approval.
(5) Before construction, it should be fully coordinated with the actual surrounding environment, reasonable design and cooperation.
(6) The construction party should make reasonable installation adjustments according to the product construction manual.


1. Toilets, bathtubs, and wash basins (three pieces of sanitary ware) should be larger than 4.00 square meters.

2. Toilets and bathtubs (two pieces of sanitary ware) should be greater than or equal to 3.50 square meters.

3. Toilets and washbasins (two pieces of sanitary ware) should be larger than 2.50㎡.

4. The toilet is set up only, and it should be greater than or equal to 2.00 square meters.


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