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Design Standard

(1) Panel material: extruded panel made of high-density lead-free polyvinyl chloride (LEAD-FREE PVC) polymer.
(2) Anti-collision performance: All anti-collision panel materials need to be tested according to ASTM-F476-76 with a weight of 99.2 pounds),
After the test, the surface material must not be broken and changed, and the test report must be attached for inspection before construction.
(3) Flammability: The anti-collision panel must pass the CNS 6485 flammability test, and it can be freed within 5 seconds after the fire source is removed.
If it is extinguished, a test report must be submitted for inspection before construction can be carried out.
(4) Abrasion resistance: The anti-collision panel material shall be tested according to ASTM D4060 standard, and it shall not exceed 0.25g after the test.
(5) Stain resistance: The anti-collision panel material can be wiped clean with water for common weak acid or weak alkali pollution.
(6) Antibacterial property: The anti-collision panel material needs to be tested in accordance with ASTM G21 standard. After 28 days of culture at 28°C, the surface will not
Any growth of mold to achieve a sterile space. The test report must be attached for inspection before construction can be carried out.
(7) The accessories must be the entire group of products supplied by the original manufacturer, and other accessories must not be used for mixed grouping.
The fittings of the anti-collision armrest fixing bracket must be detachable fixed locks to facilitate future repairs, maintenance and cleaning.

Construction standard


1. The construction party should carefully check the wall conditions of the construction site before on-site construction to ensure
Proof that the wall is clean, and if there is any obstruction to normal construction, it should be properly dealt with first to ensure
It proves the construction safety and the best construction effect.
2. The construction party shall construct according to the construction manual, construction plan and construction drawing.
3. The surface flatness of the handrail is required to be consistent, and the handrail is required to form a straight line
No height difference.

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