New type handrail model come to the market

New type handrail model come to the market


As expert factory of wall protection system for over 18 years, we have not only strict quality control team and mature logistic team, more important is that our technician team has strong R&D capabilities.

In the year 2021, we have more models of handrails, wall guards, grab bars and shower chairs coming to the market. Here is one model handrail which is popular among distributors and contractors clients after coming to the market.

1) HS-6141model handrail has pvc width 142mm and aluminium thick 1.6mm, rubber strip inside to have better anti-collision effect. For PVC colors you have three strip options with multiple color choices. Compared with other models, it has great wall protection effect with lower cost.

2) HS-620C model wall guard is based on traditional 200mm width wall guard type with a curved surface. It provides more choice for your wall protection system.

3) Along with shape modification, for the pvc surface, we also provide more choices for the surface. Now surface with plain finish, Wood grain embossing, Luminous pvc panel, handrail with light strip, wood panel with aluminium retainer, soft pvc wall guard etc.

Not only do we have more model types for the wall protection system,  also more and more new items for grab bars and shower chairs put into production this year. Now we have nylon grab bar with stainless steel inner tube, solid wood material with metal end caps and mounting base, stainless steel surface grab bars etc.

As a factory, we can meet all your specific requests for materials, shapes, colors etc. We customize specifically according to your clients’ or projects’ needs. Contact us for more information you need!