How to judge the quality of bathroom handrails

How to judge the quality of bathroom handrails


The bathroom handrail is for the elderly or the infirm. The most important thing is safety. It is recommended that the bathroom should be made of stainless steel, and the anti-slip material on the surface should be ABS or nylon. Then, how to judge the quality of the bathroom handrail Woolen cloth?

How to judge the quality of bathroom handrails
First: Judging from the raw materials of the toilet handrail, nylon is a polymer plastic material, and its stability is higher than that of ordinary plastic materials. The inner tube is matched with aluminum alloy, which can make the whole handrail more stable and safe.
Second: Judging the overall condition of the product. The finished bathroom handrail will still look crystal clear even if it is colored. If there are any impurities in it, it will be clear. If the original material is mixed with other materials, the transparency will be reduced. Therefore, the transparency of bathroom handrails is a very important factor in judging the quality of public handrails.

Third, the surface of the toilet handrail of good quality has obvious anti-slip particles, in addition, there are no other bumps, and the color is transparent, while the inferior toilet handrail is mainly realized as a chain piece, with rough workmanship and uneven surface.


Don’t choose the surface grips are all stainless steel, it is easy to slip and unsafe to grab, relatively speaking, nylon handrails are still very good, you can learn more about it, you must choose the bathroom handrails well when purchasing, After all, it is related to the safety of the elderly or the safety of life and property of family members.