HS-03C (Stainless steel base) wall mounted shower chair

Application: Resting place in bathroom 

Material: Nylon surface + Stainless Steel (201/304) or Aluminium

Bar Diameter: Ø 32 mm 

Color: White / Yellow

Certification: ISO9001


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Product Description

Shower chair,safe and comfortable, easy to fold, does not occupy space, smooth and delicate texture, easy to clean, easy installation; safety load is 130kg-200kg.The nylon surface provides a warm texture for the user compared to the metal one, at the same time anti-bacterial.Nylon Cover, Anti-bacterial, environment friendly. Salient points design makes it anti-skidding, more secure and comfortable for gripping. Self-extinguishing material, high melting point, no combustion supporting.

The shower chair provides a reliable resting place in bathroom/dressing room/corridors/lounge especially for children / elderly / pregnant. 

Color: Yellow or white folding shower seat

Type: Bathroom Safety Equipment folding shower seat

Certificate: CE ISO9001 folding shower seat

Warranty: 5 Years folding shower seat

Size: 405mm*320mm*660mm folding shower seat

Product Name HS-03C (Stainless steel base) wall mounted shower chair
Material Outer layer high quality nylon material,
inner layer of high quality metal tube
Size 450mm*320mm
(Support size customization)
Color White/yellow
(Support color customization)
Application Shoe stool/shower stool

The nylon surface provides a warm texture for the user compared to the metal one, at the same time anti-bacterial. The shower chair provides a reliable resting place in bathroom especially for children / elderly / pregnant. 

Additional Features: 

1. High melting point 

2. Anti-static, Dust-proof, Water-proof 

3. Wear-resistant, Acid-resistant 

4. Environmental friendly 

5. Easy installation, Easy cleaning 

6. Easy to fold-up

Advantages: anti-static, dust proof, easy cleaning, wear resisting, water proof, resistance to acid and base etc. Simple installation , flexible combination, suitable for different installation conditions.

Provision of service:

Complete set of original high quality accessories

Install video instructions for free

Workers can be arranged for on-site installation

Professional and stable logistics transport

After-sales service within one hour

Jinan Hengsheng New Building Materials Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer founded in 2004, with more than 12 years experience in producing handrail series product, no matter in technology or development, we are expert in this industry, our factory located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, three workshops: Extrusion workshop,Injection Molding Workshop and Composing Workshop, that makes our day output reach more than 20000pieces we also keep the normal product in large stock to make sure normal orders could be send out on the order day.



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