Best selling manual walker wheel chair with seat–HS-9188

Structure:Lightweight aluminum frame

Seat:Comfortable pp seat

Size:Adjustable height

Handle and Brake:Built-in brake on rear legs

Advantage:Easy folding

Color:Blue Color, other color can be customized

Application:For elderly and disabled people.


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Product Description

9188  Size 50*44*(89-100)CM(5 levels adjustable)
Folded size 50*10*93CM
Seat width(distance between two handrails) 45CM
Seat height 42.5-54.5CM
N.W. 7.5KG
Others Easy folding, adjustable height, Deluxe leather model.

A walker is a device that allows the elderly and patients with inconvenient legs and feet to be able to take care of themselves and go out for a walk like normal people.

In addition, in medicine, the tools that assist the human body to support weight, maintain balance and walk are called walkers. Now everyone has a good understanding of what a walker is, but what are the functions?

Regarding the role of walkers, walkers are indispensable rehabilitation aids, such as:

1. Weight support After hemiplegia or paraplegia, the patient's muscle strength is weakened or the lower limbs are weak and unable to support the weight or cannot bear weight due to joint pain, the walker can play a substitute role;

2. Maintaining balance, such as the elderly, lower extremity weakness with non-central disorders, poor lower extremity spasm, poor balance in the movement of the center of gravity, etc.;

3. Enhance muscle strength Often use canes and axillary sticks, because they need to support the body, so they can enhance the muscle strength of the extensor muscles of the upper limbs.

In short, the role of walkers is still very large, which can help people in need. In addition, as a warm reminder, there are many types of walkers on the market. Only by choosing a suitable walker can it bring benefits to the user's life. Come to the greatest convenience. It is recommended that you choose the right walker.


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