Best selling folding up shower seat for bathroom 5310



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Product Description

Function: FST5301 bathroom shower chair, without armrest backrest, installed on the wall, with supporting leg tube, the whole can be turned up, and it can be folded to occupy no space.

Frame: Aluminum alloy

Materials: PE+ABS

Features: Can be turned up by 90°.Effectively save space. Built-in hand held and shower holder

Latex-free rubber tips

(Increase the anti-skid foot pad,Strong anti-skid ability)

Backrest removable

PE waterproof seat plate, can be in direct contact with the skin.

Small hole leakage water

Equip the 304 Stainless steel screw

The thickness of Aluminum alloy:1.2mm

Basic parameters:

The enterprise standard of Q/DF5-2012 "Bathroom Safety: Shower Chair" is taken as the executive standard for design and production, and its structure is as follows:

1) Total height: 42cm, total width 40cm, total length: 38cm,

2) Main frame: The main frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy welded and assembled, and the surface treatment is anodized matte finish. The whole chair is installed on the wall by 8 8mm explosive nail screws, and the whole chair can be upturned. Folding, portable and does not take up space

3) Seat back board: The seat board and back board are made of PE blow molding, and the surface of the seat board is designed with leaking holes and anti-skid patterns.

4) Foot pads: The foot pads are made of enlarged rubber foot pads, which are lined with steel sheets for durability.


(1) Check all parts carefully before use. If any parts are found to be abnormal, please replace them in time;

(2) Before use, make sure that the adjustment key is adjusted in place, that is, when you hear a "click", it can be used;

(3) Do not place the product in a high temperature or low temperature environment, otherwise it is easy to cause aging of the rubber parts and insufficient elasticity;

(4) This product should be placed in a dry, ventilated, stable, and non-corrosive room;

(5) Regularly check whether the product is in good condition every week;

(6) The product size in the parameters is manually measured, there is a manual error of 1-3CM, please understand;


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