Walking aids aluminum Cane

Model No.:HS-8200B

Material:Plastic and Aluminum


Carton package:20*13*82cm 1pair/ctn


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Product Description

Model No. 8200B
Frame aluminum alloy 
Features Elbow crutch, Surface oxidation, 9-level height adjustment
Packaging Details 10 pairs for carton
Port Guangdong, China
Properties Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Type Cane

Basic parameters:

Total length: 16CM, total width: 9.7cm, height: 93-116cm, handle length: 12.5cm, safe load-bearing 100KG, net weight: 0.58KG

The national standard GB/T 19545.1-2009 "Technical requirements and test methods for single-arm operation walking aids Part 1: Elbow crutches" is used as the reference standard for design and production. Its structure and characteristics are as follows:

2.1) Main frame: Lightweight aluminum alloy is used as the main material, tube material specification: diameter 22mm, wall thickness 1.2mm.

2.2) Arm sleeve handle: Adopting ergonomic design concept, using high-strength engineering plastic material for one-time injection molding, which is comfortable and durable.

2.3) Foot tube: It adopts a single foot landing structure, the height of the foot tube is adjustable in 10 levels, and the arm cover is adjustable in 5 levels. It is equipped with rubber non-slip foot pads, and the foot pads are lined with steel sheets. The ground performance is good and the stability is excellent.

2.4) Performance: Adjustable height, suitable for 1.5-1.85M people, the inward stability performance of elbow crutches is greater than 1.5 degrees, and the outward stability performance is greater than 4.0 degrees

1.4 Usage and precautions:

1.4.1 How to use: Press down the marble, rotate it to the appropriate hole position, and pop out the marble to use.

1.4.2 Matters needing attention:

Check all parts carefully before use. If any low-end wearing parts are found to be abnormal, please replace them in time. Before use, make sure that the adjustment key is adjusted in place, that is, you can use it only after you hear a "click". Do not place the product in a high temperature or low temperature environment, otherwise it will cause aging of the rubber parts and insufficient elasticity. This product should be placed in a dry, ventilated, stable, and non-corrosive room. Regularly check whether the product is in good condition every week.

1.5 Installation: free installation

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