Hospital Aluminum Infusion Rails

Application: Ceiling-mounted curtain track

Material:Aluminium Alloy

Pulley:6-9 pieces / meter

Rail:1 fixed point / 600 mm

Installation:Ceiling mounted

Accessories:Various (see accessories)




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Product Description

Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel

Type: rail slide

Applicable curtain type: hanging

Advantages: Orbital oxidation treatment, no rust, light and smooth when retracting, safe and stable

Scope of application:

Installed in hospitals, nursing homes, welfare homes, health centers, beauty salons and other facilities.


1. There are L-shaped, U-shaped, O-shaped, straight-shaped, and can also be customized according to requirements.

2. It does not deform during transportation and installation, slides smoothly during use, and is safe to bear.

3. Using aluminum alloy material, unique design, not easy to deform;

4. If the clear height of the room is too large, a special stainless steel suspension frame should be installed.

5. The joints between the rails are equipped with reinforced ABS special connectors, which make the whole set of rails seamless and greatly increase the rigidity of the rails.


1. The pulley can move freely on the track. When the boom is loaded, the pulley will fix the position of the boom;

2. The structure of the pulley is compact and reasonable, the turning radius is reduced, and the sliding is flexible and smooth;

3. The pulley adopts unique processing technology and high-tech nano-materials to truly realize mute, dust-free and wear-resistant;

4. The shape of the pulley will be automatically adjusted with the track arc, ensuring that it can slide flexibly on the ring track.

Installation Method:

1. First determine the installation position of the infusion overhead rail, which is generally installed on the ceiling in the center of the hospital bed. It is necessary to avoid the lamp fan, and the pendant and shadowless lamp should be avoided during installation in the operating room.

2. Measure the hole distance of the orbital installation holes of the purchased sky rail infusion stand, use a Φ8 impact drill to drill a hole with a depth of more than 50 mm on the ceiling, and insert a Φ8 plastic expansion (note that the plastic expansion should be flush with the ceiling) .

3. Install the pulley into the track, and use M4×10 self-tapping screws to install the plastic head on both ends of the track (the O-rail has no plugs, and the joints should be flat and aligned to ensure that the pulley can slide freely in the track). Then install the track to the ceiling with M4×30 flat head self-tapping screws.

4. After installation, hang the boom on the hook of the crane to check its operation and other properties.



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